Self Service User Guide: Part 1: Join

Section Contents: 

1.0 Join

1.1 Register

1.2 Complete Submitting your Details

1.3 Your Payment Options

1.4 Subscription Rates


1.0 Join

The Join button can be found in the top right corner of our Home Page. If this is not in view, try scrolling to the right of the page – it may be hidden from your current view.

Use this button to join us for the first time. If you were previously a member during or since our 2020 subscription year, please first try to Log In by clicking on the Log In tab and use the Forgot Your Password? Facility, entering the email address that you previously gave us. (for more information see Part 10: Help and Troubleshooting).


Click on the Join button and you will be taken to our Memberships page, displaying information about our membership types and subscription rates. Click on the membership of your choice to be taken to the Register page.


1.1 Register

To register, enter your name, email address, and password of your choice, and click on the Register button. If the email address is ringed in red with the caption “This email has already been taken” then we may already have your details on our membership database. Try to Log In or contact the Membership Secretary for assistance.

By registering you are creating a membership record in our database but are not yet committing to subscribing to a membership. There are no benefits to registering and not subscribing, but you do need to be registered to purchase a membership.


1.2 Complete Submitting your Details

On the next page we will confirm the membership that you have selected and ask you to provide more information.

You can now leave our site and come back at any time by logging in using your email address and password. When you do log in again you will be returned to this page to complete submitting your details.

Personal Details: For help in completing this information see Part 3: My Account > Personal Details.


Use of your Personal Information: For help selecting the appropriate consent see Part 9: Communication Consents.


1.3 Your Payment Options

You can now choose to add a donation (optional). See Donations in Part 4: My Account > My Membership.

Select your payment method (for debit and credit card payment select PayPal) and click on Continue.

If you have selected to pay by PayPal or by Debit or Credit Card you will be directed to the PayPal Log In page. After making payment your membership will be automatically activated and you will have access to the member’s only areas of our web site. An automated email will also be sent to your registered email address. If you do not receive the email you may have to adjust your spam settings, see Part 10: Help and Troubleshooting.


If you have selected a payment method other than PayPal, the page will change to display a message similar to that shown below, telling you what to do next.

** Despite the caption “That’s everything” (in the process of being changed) you will not have completed payment for your membership **

An automated email will also be sent to your registered email address, which will replicate the information displayed on this page. If you do not receive the email you may have to adjust your spam settings, but you do not need to receive the email to complete the payment process. For more information see Part 10: Help and Troubleshooting.


Your membership will be activated manually by us once your payment is received and you will receive another automated email.

For full details of all payment methods see Part 6: Making a Payment To Us.


1.4 Subscription Rates

Our subscription year is 1st January to 31st December each year. Prices stated below are for the year of part thereof.

All of our members receive the same access to resources and services regardless of the subscription taken. The difference in pricing reflects the cost of printing and posting a paper copy of our journal.

Our memberships for paper journals are structured in line with the published Royal Mail Postal Zones.  

Subscribers to all memberships (other than eJournal) will receive four paper journals per calendar year.


eJournal Membership - £6 per annum (£8 from 1st November 2021)

Our quarterly journal will be available for download from our web site. You will normally receive an email to notify you when each edition is available.


Standard UK Membership - £12 per annum (£16 from 1st November 2021)

England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland (also includes Isle of Man and Channel Islands).


Europe Membership - £15 (will be Rest of World from 1st November 2021)

All countries in the published Royal Mail list (contains EU and Non-EU countries and Gibraltar).


Rest of World Membership - £20 (£30 from 1st November 2021)

All countries in the published Royal Mail lists for Zone 1 (Includes Canada), Zone 2 (includes Australia and New Zealand) and Zone 3 (United States).

[Last updated 01/10/2021]