Articles of General Interest

Articles of General Interest

This page is a collection of various articles that have been submitted to us over the years, and may have appeared in our Journal or on the Legacy website.

If you have any material you would like to see included, please let us know.

The links take you either to a PDF document (which has further links in some cases), or to separate PDF documents.

Contents of the General Articles document:

Brighstone Holiday Camp. 

Cowes Pilots, 1808. 

Island School Sports 1950. 

The Isle of Wight in the 1930s. 

Sandown, Christ Church Yearbook 1929. 

Trinity House Pilots, 1808 - 1921. 

DNA Information in Family Research

A study compiled by Dr Steve Stotesbury et al, written in 2018, bringing together many of the findings regarding the use of DNA in your family research

Blackgang Mission (Christ Church, Chale)

A copy of the booklet "Past and Present" by Letitia Jenning (1905) and transcriptions and images from the notebook of Dorothy Winter, detailing the history of the Blackgang Mission Church. Thanks to Helen Cunningham for permission to copy these documents.

Diary of Tour to the Isle of Wight, 1850

Images and transcriptions from a Journal kept by John Hunt Cooke of Bethnal Green, London, of a tour to the Isle of Wight he made with 2 companions in 1850.

Thanks to Jane Rose who donated the Journal to the Society in 2013.

William Barton, From Convict to Pioneer 1809-1880

A detailed research article about William Barton, born in Shorwell 1809, his criminal activities, transportation to New South Wales and his life there.

Written by David Barton, William is his 4th Great Granduncle.