Subscription Rates

Our subscription year is 1st January to 31st December each year. Prices stated below are for the year of part thereof.

All of our members receive the same access to resources and services regardless of the subscription taken. The difference in pricing reflects the cost of printing and posting a paper copy of our journal.

Our memberships for paper journals are structured in line with the published Royal Mail Postal Zones and can be found at


Subscribers to all memberships (other than eJournal) will receive four paper journals per calendar year.


Standard (eJournal) Membership - £8 per annum

Our quarterly journal will be available for download from our web site. You will normally receive an email to notify you when each edition is available.

UK Membership - £16 per annum

England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland (also includes Isle of Man and Channel Islands).

Rest of World Membership - £30

All countries in the published Royal Mail lists for European Union (contains EU and Non-EU countries and Gibraltar); Zone 1 (Includes Canada); Zone 2 (includes Australia and New Zealand); and Zone 3 (United States).