AGM Election 2021


Thanks to all who have voted.

As in 2020, we are not able to hold a physical Annual General Meeting at the time in the year (May) when we would normally do so.

The 2021 AGM will therefore be held via Zoom. This will be at 11.45 BST on 22 May 2021. Zoom Invitations to the One Day Conference will be sent via e-mail to registered Members with paid up subscriptions, but you must let us know that you intend to join the meeting, or only the AGM as you decide. Existing Committee Officers and Committee Members, the President, and Vice-Presidents will automatically receive the Zoom invitation.

All fully paid-up members (meaning those with an Active 2021 Membership and their joint members) of the Society are entitled to vote. This includes all new members joining up to and including the 21st May, the day before the AGM takes place. Please allow 48 hours from joining for the voting database to be updated.

Voting for Committee Officers and Committee Members will take place either postally, using the form in the May 2021 Journal, or by using the online voting system. This will be available from 1st to 31st May 2021.

For financial reasons, we have not incorporated the online voting system in the new website structure.

We have modified the online voting system used in 2020 which is located in the legacy website, the change being to add the ability to vote for acceptance of the Annual Report and Financial Report which are contained in the May 2021 Journal. Please note that as there was no AGM held last year, there are no Minutes of the AGM to be approved.

We have received the following wording from the Family History Federation, regarding the constitutional legitimacy of holding virtual AGMs or EGMs :

“Given the need for the society to hold AGM and /or Executive Committee Meetings despite COVID restrictions on physical meetings, the Executive Committee resolve that in order to comply with good governance it will hold the next AGM and future Executive Committee meetings online virtually or by telephone or as hybrid meetings despite a lack of authority to do so in the constitution. Persons who register to join the meeting online in accordance with the information supplied by the society will be taken to be present and count as part of the quorum and be entitled to join and participate in the relevant meeting as if they were physically present.”


Posted 30 April 2021