Members Websites

Members' Websites

The following Websites have been sent to us for inclusion on this page. They are Websites created mainly by members of the IW Family History Society of families that have been researched by them. Many of them also have a considerable amount of information about the Isle of Wight. The information on any of these sites cannot be guaranteed by the Society and anyone using them is urged to use them as a guide to research only. If you know of any other sites that would be useful for Isle of Wight research please feel free to send them to the Webmaster.



Mary Pountain

Mary has researched three interconnected familes - the Trinder family from Heckfield in Hampshire, the Kimber family from Winkfield in Berkshire, and the Nash family from Bromley in Kent. There are many connections to the Isle of Wight, especially the Nashes in Ventnor. Mary has published her research online as PDF files which are freely avaialble.


Robin Lewin, Member No 1813

I recently took on the task for the ATTRILL 'one name studies'. To give members access to all the information I have gathered I decided to start a specific website dedicated to the Attrill name. This site contains a vast amount of information for those researching the Attrill name, as well as many other Island families who married into the Attrill family.


Dean Bagwell

The content of this site mainly covers the BAGWELL lineage of Dean BAGWELL plus all BAGWELL names from the Isle of Wight and South Hampshire / Portsmouth areas.


Jon Baker

As well as the Baker name, Jon Baker's site includes the following IOW families: Ryall, Downer, Barnes, Clarke, Pittis and many associated names.


Ann Barrett

Ann Barrett has put together a very useful webpage in which she offers information from the considerable amount of research that she has done at the IW Record Office on many topics concerned with IW local history including Schools and Education, Parkhurst Prison personnel, Coastguards and IW Railway personnel. She has also done extensive research into several Island names.


Antony Barton

Bartie's World contains many images of Island scenes, and is particularly strong on hovercraft - history, development and in service.


Fran Sinclair

This site has family history research about the COOLEY and OSBORN families centring on Henry James Cooley & Henrietta Maud Osborn and their various relatons on the Isle of Wight.
It also contains information about KIMBER families.


Adrienne Glasbey

A CLUITT Isle of Wight family tree.



Amy Wiles

The DOWNER and related families from Calbourne. Illustrated with many family photos.


Tina Gemmell

Includes an 11 generation descendant chart of Walkers from the Isle of Wight.


Adrienne Glasbey

A GLASBEY Isle of Wight family tree.


Michael McManus

Michael McManus has put together an interesting and comprehensive family tree for the interconnecting HENDY and DOVE families.


Michael Jacobs

This branch of the Jacobs family sailed from the Isle of Wight to Australia in 1837 and has since gained a number of Dutch connections.


Leo Levarre-Waters

The Knapp and Humber families are only a small part of this extensive website but there is a great deal of information about them. The site takes several minutes to download.



Robin Lewin

This site contains information on the various names in my family tree such as Lewin, Spencer, Dyer, Attrill, Mabey, Spake and Butt. It also contains 1941 - 1901 IoW census information on these surnames.


Bill and Cecilie Moses

Some information about the Moses family on the Isle of Wight