Vice-President : Dina Broughton

Dina Broughton I am a third generation Australian and proud of it. And no, my ancestors were not transported criminals, although I would have been no less proud of being Australian even if they had been. I am also a British citizen and am proud of that too. Actually all my great grandparents had independently emigrated to Australia in the mid 19th century, although why I have never been able to find out.

After leaving school I trained to become a teacher before marrying. Because my husband was a musician (cellist) and wanted further study and experience we came to England in 1951.

A glance at the birth certificates of my children will show that we moved around quite a bit. Two were born in Melbourne, Australia, one in Adelaide, one in Scarborough and one in Harrow. We had only intended to stay for one year but before long my husband was established in the music world and I was teaching at Northwood College, an independent school in Middlesex. I very much enjoyed teaching which can be, and was in my case, a very rewarding job. I retired in 1986. By then my first marriage had ended and I had met David BROUGHTON, a computer consultant and programmer.

David and I moved to the Island in 1987 and became immersed in Island life - sailing and walking being our main activities. I became interested in tracing my family history and joined Janet FEW's excellent classes. These were the days before the Internet and research was done by visiting record offices, London repositories, ancestral towns and villages, studying original documents and writing thousands of letters. I know it is much easier nowadays and of course I use the Internet myself but I am very glad that I did it the hard way. I joined the IWFHS and became more and more involved with it. I was a member of the committee for about 14 years, filling various posts: secretary, membership secretary, webmaster (first setting up our website in about 1992), editor and programme manager. With the expertise of David and the hard work of an excellent team of volunteers we were able to set up the Births, Marriages and Deaths index on the website in about 1995.

All of these activities have now been passed on into the capable hands of others. Geoff ALLAN in particular has taken on the website and greatly enhanced it. I am now partially sighted and able to do very little in the way of family history so I am glad I was able to publish my family history book in 2009 and also set up my own family history website I am fortunate in living at a time when so many clever gadgets, electronic devices and computer software are available to help me to cope with loss of sight, but none of these things help when it comes to recognising people, so please, if you see me at a meeting or in the street, etc. do make yourself known to me or I am afraid I will pass you by unrecognised.

I am immensely touched and honoured to have been made an honorary vice-president.