BMD Indexing Project

The BMD Indexing Project was initiated in April 2003 with the objective of transcribing all the Index entries for Births, Marriages and Deaths from the Registers held by the Superintendent Registrar of the Isle of Wight.

This covered the period from the start of Civil Registration in 1837 to date.

The original database definitions and programming work for the website was done by David and Dina Broughton

Over the years, there have been a number of dedicated Volunteers who have worked to transcribe and validate the registers. This page acknowledges their contributions.

We would also like to thank the three Superintendent Registrars in office during the project, and their staff, for their support in enabling us to create the Index from the original Registers (in accordance with General Register Office regulations).

Regrettably, some volunteers have since died and these are remembered for their contributions. Volunteers marked * have been with the project since inception, so many thanks for their 8 years' (and more in some cases) dedication !

The list is given in alphabetical order of surname and implies no other significance.

Geoff Allan
John Ash
Ann Barrett
Les Barrett (deceased)
Antony Barton
Sharon Beddard
David Broughton
Dina Broughton * (deceased)
Alf Damp
Betty Dhillon *
Brenda Dodgson
Rachel Edwards
Tom Edwards
Eric Griffin (deceased)
Janet Griffin *
Diana Harding (deceased)
Don Hayward * (deceased)
Wendy Hayward (deceased)
Ray Healey
Mary Hunnybun
Colin Jefferies (deceased)
Keith Lacey *
Jon Matthews
Roy Middlebrook (deceased)
Yvonne Moore
Pat Phillips *
Hazel Pullen
Lorna Snow
John Sole *
Mavis Sweeney
Rosemary Stewart
Barry Sowerby
June Tait (deceased)
Malcolm Tait
Lesley Vernall-Levings

Apologies if we have omitted any names - let us know if there are any omissions

BMD Indexing Project Coordinator, and Webmaster, 18th February 2012