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The new BMD System was fully implemented on 8th December 2011 for Births, Marriages and Deaths registered on the Isle of Wight from 1837 - 2010 (with some Marriage outstanding as explained on the Marriages Search page). This information was taken directly from the Registers held by the Superintendant Registrar for the Isle of Wight.

This page explains the information you will see, and how to get the most out of the new features.

The original BMD system was developed over many years using Microsoft Works databases. It performed well over the years but with the retirement of Dina and David Broughton, we needed to ensure that the continuing maintenance of the system could be met. The new system uses MySQL tables which means that all of the records are searchable at once, rather than by limited ranges of years, and new wildcard and Soundex features have been added. The wildcard character is now % (percent sign). This can be used to substitute one or more characters. The previous wildcard character * (asterisk) must not be used.

For Births and Deaths, the search screens allow searches by a combination of Surname / Forenames / Other Surname, and within a range of dates. The results will depend on the search parameters entered.

Surname : Brown - returns all records where the Surname begins with Brown e.g. Brown, Browning, Brownsdon etc

Surname : Brown with Exact box checked - returns all records where the Surname is Brown

Surname : %att% - returns all records where the Surname contains 'att' e.g. Attrill, Matthews, Wyatt etc

Surname : All%n - returns all records where the Surname starts with 'All' and has an 'n' somewhere following it e.g. Allan, Allen, Allemande

Surname : %Jones - returns all records where the Surname is Jones - or ends in Jones. Use this if you are trying to find the second part of a hyphenated Surname e.g. Price-Jones

Surname : Wyatt, with Soundex on - returns all records where the Surname has the same Soundex value e.g. Wyatt, White, Wight etc. It is recommended that you enter the full Surname when using Soundex. Take care when using this as this results in a large number of records, and the results may not be as you expect.

Although there are no restrictions on the number of years you can search, the end year has to be greater than or equal to the start year.

One feature likely to be of interest is that you can now search on a combination of Surname and Other Surname so that for Birth records, entering the family name and the mother's maiden name will give a list of children born to that combination of names, which are likely to be the children of a particular couple. Using this combination on Death records (after 1969) will identify people (usually women) whose former Surname has been recorded.

It is also possible to enter just the Other Surname to give a list of children born to a particular woman using the maiden name without knowing the family name.

No given name ? Some entries, in the Births or Deaths registers, give just "Male" or "Female". Original register entries which gave "Boy" have been changed to "Male", and "Girl" to "Female". You can find these by using the search string %male% or %female% in the Forenames box.

Slashes and commas : Some entries include multiple surnames. Where the transcription indicated some doubt over a spelling, then a slash (/) is used, e.g. DORE/DOVE. Where a person had multiple entries, e.g. for a woman who has had more than one marriage, then the names are separated by commas, e.g. ATTRILL, WHEELER.

Bookmarks : If you have bookmarked the old search pages, then please reset your bookmarks. The BMD Index page URL remains the same.

Queries and Correspondence : If you have any further queries or comments on the new BMD system please contact the Webmaster

Any messages sent to the The BMD Index Coordinator will be passed on to the most appropriate person to be dealt with. Please do not send any messages to Dina Broughton.