Isle of Wight People

This series of photographs was provided by Peter Austin-Smith, whose contact link appears below. They include members of the HARVEY family of Sandown, and Peter would like to hear from anyone with any further identification of the people illustrated.

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Mary Jane Harvey (née Searle) and son, Gordon Harvey (b. 1885) in CEF (Canadian Expeditionary Force) uniform. Gordon was wounded and sent back to England to recover so he could visit his mother on the Isle of Wight. An Aunt and Uncle of Edna's -
Charles William Harvey 1887 -
Una Hope Harvey 1889 -
Picture likely taken 1902
Site of George Harvey’s print shop on Wilkes Rd, Sandown  

Left to right back: Gordon Harvey (CEF), Florrie (Harvey) holding Peter , Charles Harvey (BEF), front: Ada (Harvey), Norman Harvey (Charles' son), Mary Jane Harvey, Madge (?), Cicely Joan Harvey (my mother), Olive Harvey(in uniform, WAAC) 1917? Postcard to Mrs. Harvey, "Keston" Newcomen Road, Lake, Sandown, I.W. Dated 27 April 1917. John Tansom. "loyal employee of Geo. Harvey and Sons for 40 years". Photo take in Sandown on Esplanade. Post card. Stamped "The Post Card Studios, Sandown, I.W." with notation "Rifles off to camp, 1914." Note writing on front of card. Can anyone identify any of these men, especially the one with the arrow?
Despite the notation, these are Artillerymen. Thanks to Gareth Sprack, and Geoff Allan, for the following conclusions :
This postcard is believed to show a group of Island R.F.A. Territorials, probably 4th Hants Howitzers, at Sandown Station prior to training and embarkation for India. If so, the group probably includes Edwin James Shier. The man marked as 'one of my boyfriends who died in the war 1914' is possibly [Gilbert] Roy Phillips. The card was marked up by Olive Harvey, an aunt of Peter Austin-Smith

Sandown Secondary School, Form IV B (2nd year) 1912. My aunt Olive Harvey is fourth from left, top row. Sandown School, 1909. Olive Harvey fourth in from left, 3rd row. I don’t have names for any other students. Sandown School. No date but perhaps 1907 or 1908. Olive Harvey 3rd left front row. No names for any other students. Sunday School Christmas party. Probably St.John's Church, Sandown. Olive Harvey, child 7th in from left, 2nd row. Una Harvey, my grandmother is girl dressed in white sitting to far right. No date but possibly around 1902-03?

This 1892 photo is likely to be of a church group (I would guess St. John's, Sandown, as my great-grandfather, George Harvey, printer, was much involved with that church). I later found the same picture marked up, identifying my great aunts and uncles, as well as my grandmother, Una Harvey 

Entertainers (Pierrots) at Sandown in 1906. 'Una' is marked. An enlargement showing Una Harvey under the parasol, but who is the young man ?

Photo credits :

Peter Austin-Smith