Photo Gallery : Isle of Wight - Bonchurch

This series of photographs was provided by various members whose initials appear as credits and and listed at the bottom of the web page.

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Bonchurch Village. Postcard by Frith - sent 1907 to Mrs Norman, Muswell Hill, N.
  [AH] [On left] is a photo handed down in our family of William Jenkins Bakery on the village street, Bonchurch. It can be quite precisely dated as my gt gt grandparents, William John JENKINS and his wife Frances Emma, formerly MORGAN, née BULL only married and moved to the bakery in October 1858 [from Newport] and then became bankrupt in 1864. They left the island in 1864/5. So the photo is between 1858 and 1864. It is obviously half of 2 intended for a viewer, I do also have the other half, now. It must have been cut at one point so my mother and my aunt could have one each!
Horseshoe Bay, Bonchurch, Isle of Wight.
Bonchurch, Isle of Wight.
Devil's Chimney, Bonchurch
(Willsteed bros card)
Stone seat in the landslip Apr 1907
((LL imprint) card 29)
St Boniface (Old) Church
Bonchurch - old Church
((LL imprint) card 1)
10303 Bonchurch Pond
Old Bonchurch Church
Old Bonchurch Church
card posted in 1974
Bonchurch Pond

Photo credits :

GA : Geoff Allan collection
DB : Dean Bagwell donation
AH : Anne Hewland collection
AK : Alan Kimber collection
SP : Steve Palmer collection
RT : Rob Tausk collection