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Entries are given in reverse chronological order. Some entries, which are time dependent are 'aged off' as appropriate, to avoid the list becoming too long. Other entries are removed when no longer relevant or current.

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07 Mar 2018IWFHS Website changesWe have added to the website, a set of data from Records of people apprenticed out from the House of Industry. Requires members' password.Geoff Allan - WebmasterHouse of Industry Apprentices Search page
01 Mar 2018IWFHS Membership Secretary Change of AddressPlease note that the address for our Membership Secretary has changed. The new address appears on the relevant Membership pages and forms. Any post sent to his old address should be re-directed by Royal Mail.Geoff Allan - WebmasterMembership details
14 Feb 2018IWFHS Members only password changesThe password for the 'Members only' sections of the website has been changed. The password is given in the latest Journal or was sent to members who receive an eJournal subscription. If you have not yet renewed your subscription please do so to continue taking advantage of the 'Members only' information.Geoff Allan - WebmasterMembership Renewals

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