Blackgang Mission Notebook and History

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The late Dorothy Winter, of Chale, kept a notebook of information relating to Blackgang Mission. These are extracts of notes relating to earlier years, as well as a copy of the pages from the History of the Mission 'Past and Present' by Letitia Jennings, published in 1905.

The notebook lists Members of the Church, and its Pastors. We have not transcribed past about 1950, as it gives little further biographical information. There are also copies of photographs of the founders of the Mission, including Helen Reade (née Hamilton), Charles William Reade, Christopher William Smith, and Edith Mary Smith (née Reade).

You will need to enter the user name (iowfhs) and the password from your membership card, in order to read this material.

Many thanks to Helen Cunningham, of Vintage Vacations, for allowing us to copy the material in their possession, in late 2012. The Mission is now used as holiday accommodation.

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