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    This series of postcards was gifted to the Society by Kåre Eriksson in Sweden in 2014. They represent the collection of military cards which are believed to have been, for the most part, if not all, in the possession of the GUY family.

The card on the left shows five soldiers who survived WW I: the brothers Percy, Douglas, and Albert GUY, and two others, who were presumably friends, Arthur John (Jacko) BROWN, and Arthur Harry COOK. Four of the five appear on the Arreton Parish Roll of Honour and the GUY brothers appear on the Arreton Methodist Church Roll of Honour. Some of the cards are addressed to Hilda GUY, one of their sisters. More biographical information on the GUY family can be found at Guy brothers biography.

Many of the soldiers depicted on these cards are anonymous; if anyone can help identify them we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact the

Webmaster if you can help.

Many of the soldiers' cap badges and other insignia are not distinct enough on the cards to positively identify which regiment they belonged to; many are Hampshire Regiment, including Isle of Wight Rifles, as might be expected.

A separate series of postcards from the GUY family (also donated by Kåre Eriksson) can be seen at Guy - Family and Friends Album.

In the titles above the postcards, which are based on any inscriptions on the cards, the titles include {P} which indicates the name of the photographer; this often helps to identify the area from which the soldier came.


Thanks to Lin Watterson and Pat Phillips for more details of the Brown family.