Guy - family and friends -- The 5 mile Island Cross Country Championship field at the start 24 April 1924

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    The competitors in the race were named as follows; further details have been taken from other sources, including BMD Indexes to confirm names and year of birth, and the 1925 Electoral roll to confirm addresses :

Name Club Further information
P. Guy Hants and St. John's A.C. Percival (Percy) Harold Guy, (b. 1898) of Sunnyside, Budbridge
G.S. Croucher St. John's A.C. Gordon Stanley Croucher, (b. 1907), of 'Brightside', Carisbrooke Rd, Newport
J.A. Downer St. John's A.C. James Andrew Downer, (b. 1901), of 99 Hunnyhill, Newport
F.A. Bromwell St. John's A.C. Francis Albert Bromwell, (b. 1904), of High St, Carisbrooke
H.D. Beverton Trojans A.C. Herbert Davey Beverton, (b. 1902), of 2 Medina View, Whitepit lane, Newport
G.W. Attrill Trojans A.C. George William Attrill, (b. 1898), of 31 West St, Newport
G.W. Cooley Trojans A.C. Gordon William Edward Cooley, (b. 1907), of 23 St John's Road, Newport
C.H. Grist Trojans A.C. Charles Henry Grist, (b. 1906), of 1 School Lane, Carisbrooke
E.D. Tunley Trojans A.C. Ernest David Tunley, (b. 1908), of 32 St John's Road, Newport
W. Scott Trojans A.C. William George Scott, (b. 1909), of 38 Elm Grove, Newport; believed to be the runner wearing no 10
A.V. Gibbs Trojans A.C. Alfred Victor Gibbs, (b. 1906), of 24 Clarence Road, Newport
T. Riley of Cowes (Hants Regt., Winchester) [identity not confirmed]