Anon_2 -- Shanklin I.W. July 1929 | The Mount House

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    Anonymous holiday album #2

This photograph album is a mystery in several ways - we don't know who donated it to the Society, and we have no idea who it belonged to, nor who the photographer was, nor the names of any of the subjects.

These photographs are those in the album which feature the Isle of Wight; the album also contains photographs from other places which have not been scanned and are not included here.

Also captioned are photos taken at Witham, Clacton, Maldon (Essex), Rye, Silchester, and Folkestone and Dover (in 1928).

The subject matter is the usual mix of family and group photos, with some landscapes and seascapes, and usually only captioned with the place, month and year. None of the people have been identified.

The Mount House, featured in this photograph, is still run as a guest house. It is located at 20 Arthur's Hill, Shanklin.

[Picture from the Mount House website]

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